Invisible "undefinied creatures"

  • Monsters are invisible "undefinied" and seemingly pop out of other monsters.

    I went to fight a spider that was visibly alone. I got attacked by an enemy that was not there who's hitbox didn't appear until after combat initiated and had no name. It did 600-800 damage against my armor and when i took it off killed me for 1682 damage. I suspect an ultimate spider was either invisible or spawned from a glitch.

    These glitched mobs cannot be targeted or attacked.

    alt text
    I came back to the scene of the crim to see what killed me: It was not a spider, but in fact an ultimate hell rogalian (spider in combat text)
    alt text

    alt text

  • There is such a bug. Basic rule: before important actions, clear the cache and cookies of the browser and reboot.

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