The charater can't enter the game

  • Hello,
    A error message "Client error. Refresh page or try again later." has been shown when select the charater. My charater's name is OyokoB. The Server is Tokyo. And the charater was normal before 2019/11/17.

  • I got the same exact bug after hitting a training dummy and a few other people have mentioned it. I really hope it gets fixed. Someone told me that they were able to re-enter the game after a few hours or so (maybe more). I'm unsure if the developer is aware of it yet or not.

  • I create a new charater when my old charater encounter this bug, and my new charater was encounter the same bug when the mission is process to attack the training dummy. Miracly, 7 hours pass, my new charater can re-enter the game but my old charater still not.

  • Hi. Sorry about that. Bug will be fixed soon (~hour).

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