[LATEST] Patch 0.45+

  • I also remember that in the 2018 update, a lot of new players abandoned the game. Just because weight bearing is weird, changing the mechanics of the game without any experimentation, I feel ridiculous and irresponsible

    No disrespect, I respect the maker.
    I just hope that before each update, the maker can personally test the game content to meet the level and requirements of the average player
    Rather than , a large number of players are dissatisfied, Then change the updated content

  • I'm sorry, everybody. I'm so upset

  • This post is deleted!


  • Нет, то, что боевую систему надо разнообразить это вектор размышления то здравый. Но то, как мобы отбегают от игрока это чёт сильно перебор. Можно было бы оставить эту особенность одному виду мобов, например, теням. А остальные мобы и так имеют свои фишки. Рогалийцы - дикий реген, демоны шмаляют огнём, из коротого надо выходить, пауки кидают чуму и кровотечение... Нужно больше подобных механик, уникальных для каждого моба, мне кажется. Это интересно. Каждый противник имеет свои уникальные фишки, играя первый раз тебе интересно изучать противников. А постоянно отбегающие мобы.. не круто.

  • Hey there. I just witnessed a level 26 being chased from across the map by an Omsk using its "dash" ability to mutilate this poor level 26 new person after already killing them. Thank goodness I was already forming a party to kill it. We had to chase it down and kill it. I've never seen a monster do that to someone who was already killed by it.

    This update is seriously impossible.

  • @koa I think this is something that already existed before the update. Once when I was mining I was killed by a daemon and when I went down into the mines in a very different place the daemon was apparently still aggro'd to me. It showed up from way out of aggro range clearing targeting me.

  • @TatriX
    III floor
    hellish demon became invulnerable due to running back and regen
    if it is for a group of players, you need an appropriate reward
    49 level of titanium on the third floor? Seriously?

  • OT. who is managing this website/forum?

  • Banned

    you are right.

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