[LATEST] Patch 0.45+

  • Hey somewhat new player here,

    there seems to be a client error everytime you try to finish the tutorial quest where you have to hit the dummy. I tried with 2 new chars and I'm not able to log in again with them...this happened after the server shutdown



  • @TatriX So I suspect you, recently patched it today. I still have to say, this really needs to go back to the way it was before you implemented any Dash, the mobs are just waaaay too ridiculous now. Even after the patch, the dash, it doesn't add anything, it just makes things way more annoying to kill.

    I know that this is your game, and you want to try and implement things for us, the community. However I feel that nobody really asked for this update, if anything, combat was quite hard anyway, this new update adds more difficulty, but more than anything, it just makes combat way more annoying.

    I feel if you just turned the combat back to normal, and focus on other little things in the game like items, and stuff, Combat can be improved at a later date, once you have more feedback from the community on how combat should be improved, this new update just really isn't working.

    I really love the game TatriX, and I want to give you a LOT of praise for what you have created, it's wonderful, and I know your time is short, and you probably worked hard on this, but I feel that this is constructive criticism on the new patch that you need to hear.

    Kind regards,


  • I just attacked my training dummy on my farm, the game crashed, and now i can't log back in!!!!!

    Client version: 0.45.0
    Server version: 0.45.0
    Build: bdd3fa2b (steam)
    Server: Andromeda
    Character: Koa
    User agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/66.0.3359.170 Safari/537.36

  • I'm really trying my best to be patient with this new update but it is absolutely horrible and you're only getting negative feedback here. I feel like we aren't being listened to in regards to this change. Please fix this or just get rid of it! Do a server reset! This is absolute shit!!

  • Training dummy related fix should be fixes soon. Sorry guys, I'm having a cold and not in the best shape to fix bugs.

  • @TatriX Thank you for the answer, we (Me and Koa) really do love the game, we're just frustrated from not being able to play all evening because of the dummy. Sorry to hear you're not feeling very well. If you can't fix it right now, we would just like a server reset in NA if possible, just so we can play 🙂

  • @Listen fix will be there soon. I've also reverted changes related to mob's attack speed.
    Dash (updated version) as well as physical evade is still there though.

  • @TatriX Thank you for taking quick action here. Know you've worked hard on the update and want to make sure the player base is satisfied. Despite the few glitches the following days, you've definitely done your best to keep things running smoothly, and we all appreciate that. I have faith you'll continue to refine the update and get everything working as you envisioned.

    Thanks again for your dedication and hard work!

  • @TatriX

    I think a new bug may have been introduced with the last patch. It seems I am now losing XP upon dying instead of LP. I was also able to lose a level via dying, which I doubt is intended.

  • @Zanco this is intended.

  • @Listen I demand server equality🎅

  • @TatriX This update is a big hindrance to melee players. I can no longer fight monsters~I'm not a low-level player,Please check my game time and weapon armor!QQ截图20191116170817.jpg
    I can no longer fight advanced monsters, they are too powerful,Consider, new players, and medium players, not all of whom have as much time to play as I do
    We've spent a lot of time playing games, but now we can't easily beat a monster,If you think the current monster is too simple, please pay attention to the time and effort of the high-level players

    Wish you a speedy recovery~love you

  • Before this update, I thought monsters were too aggressive and defensive for the average player
    I had been expecting to weaken the game monster, but this time it was strengthened.

    I've been playing for 2500 hours and still can't play easy games, but considering the single player, they may be more difficult
    Increased the movement of the monster, we can not easily hit them, and they can release skills,The blood volume also recovers quickly, I feel this is too difficult

    🎅 I feel that the game should be updated with more considerations, and the game should be modified to make it easier for the player to operate, rather than to see the player become stronger and enhance the monster, which is equivalent to extending the game experience time of the player.

    ☹ ☹ ☹ I've gone from warrior to lumberjack, and I think other players are like me

  • The enemy just does not have many weakness now for solo players to progress with swords.
    The stat advantage of monsters in unison with there evasive ai is too overpowered for a solo player to kill even the lowest level monsters in -3 cave.

    A solo player needs to be able to make attacks against an enemy with significant regen. There needs to be a weakness in either the statistical power of an enemy or its ai behaviour for a player to do enough damage to kill an enemy.

    Before the ai was easy to make successive attacks. Now the ai paired with high regen is too difficult.

    I was inches away from killing my first black shadow. Now i am hopeless.

    P.S. Wish you luck with your cold. Get some rest and i hope to see you get well soon 🙂

    Also big thanks for fixing horse collision ❤

  • Пишу это не только от себя а от всех игроков сервера Quasar. Убавьте скорость мобом. некоторых мобов(такие как адский рогалиец и другие) стало невозможно убить. Ихняя тактика ударить и отбежать позволяет им во время от бега из за дикой регенерации отхилится . Да и вообще все мобы, включая боссов стали ужасно неудобные. если хотели усилить мобов , то просто бы добавили мобов а не сделали такую дичь. Как у нас на сервере выражаются, что последние обновления - "Издевательство над игроками, которое отбивает все желание играть" Просьба от всех игроков сервера Quasar, откатить эти неудачные обновления, или хотя бы вернуть нормальную скорость мобом. Сервер Quasar

  • TATRIX, wish you a speedy recovery and keep up the good work.
    Thanks for this wonderful free game

  • MartoTuga in game

  • I use software to translate my language. If it's not fluent, please don't blame me.
    First of all, thank you for the game~
    But I feel terrible about this update.

    The update of the game should be to make the game better and better, rather than worse and worse. I bought a patron,Only 30 days,But now I'm wasting my time.Single player, no way to play.

    I don't think the maker has played this game at all.
    Otherwise, he won't always be like this, cutting the spoils, cutting everything, increasing the difficulty.
    There is no one player who can sweep everything in the game, even if he play 10000 hours.

    I hope professional updates,At least through a simple test
    maker you should try it. How to play the game now?I think you're going to collapse.
    I think that's some way for maker to deliberately delay players.

  • Please try to use the level of medium-sized players to play games, test and fight with various monsters
    Not all players have high quality weapons and armor,I see some senior players in the Forum,there are some players who are tough, but what about us? We're weak. We're smaller now

  • Side note to all the reports of issues with this patch.

    As I recall, prior to this patch, the next patch was said to be guilds. Is this something we can still expect in the near future?

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