[LATEST] Patch 0.45+

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  • Is there a new quest in auctions? If it's broken, whenever I click on the quest it takes me out of the game to the character pick menu

  • @Makka-Makka please restart steam and check if it helps.

  • So the issues i'm having with new update are the mob speed "dash" and the collision "bounce" make it very hard to hit anything. It's taking me 150% more time to kill the lowest level wyvern because when they collide as i try to attack, they just run away in a unpredictable ricochet. The mobs also "orbit" around me as they repeatedly collide around me. I've had mobs come from behind me and block the front of me and throw a punch at the same time while i run in a straight line.

    I would say my combat accuracy has dropped from 100-90% to about 20-40%

    I also get a level up message and light effect every time i gain exp from combat.

    Will wait for the speed fix and try again.
    -Famwich, NA

  • This post is deleted!

  • I'm colliding with my horses, when i dismount i become stuck inside them. I can't get to the one i want to either.

  • Hi,

    Not a big fan of the update.

    The collision makes it very difficult to kill things, which I understand, you want to make things harder (More on this later).

    Remove the collision please, as this really messes with mounts too, making it hard to even just do regular things around your farm.

    If you want to make the game "Harder" I think you should focus on Level 1 Mobs, as everything else seems pretty balanced IMO, speaking from somebody wearing full Demon Hide using a Fire sword. Mid game, Late game Seems okay, Early game, mobs are Easy.

    I understand that you don't have much time Tatrix which is okay, a lot of us love the game, but I can assure you that the difficulty of the mobs are fine.

    All the best,

    Rogalia Player

  • Hey there, love the game and I'm a big supporter 🙂

    There's a few things that are disturbing about the recent update.

    First point being that monsters are no longer transparent, so you can't walk through them, which is the collision effect you talked about. This also effects farm animals and mounts, making farming and doing basic things on a horse or chopper very difficult. In fact with your mounts, you can get stuck in your chopper when you dismount or aren't able to craft from above it and it stops what you're doing and moves you away from the mount if you try to craft while riding. And with the farm animals, getting into the pen to feed them was difficult.

    Second point is combat. With the new collision feature, it makes monsters bounce back from you after an attack and they get out of melee range, so your attacks rarely hit - which makes melee completely ineffective now!! On top of that, their melee range was increased so they continue to hit you while you can't land a single hit.

    Another small bug is that each time you gain experience it shows the level up animation and all thing associated with that. Not really a biggie, but pretty annoying.

    I was super excited to see an update, as I love the game dearly but this particular update has made it nearly unplayable besides the farming and gathering aspect - with gathering being slightly more difficult with all the trees haha.

    I would really really like for the update to be removed from the NA server at least. A lot of the seasoned players are taking a break from the game due to this update. I agree with the idea to add difficulty, but maybe add new monsters that specifically have these traits instead, and have them give more loot. Increasing the difficultly is making it too hard for the new members. Combat was already confusing and difficult as it was.

    Thank you for reading.

  • Found one more issue with collision. When you try to do a combo an enemy can bump into you and interrupt your attack. So when i'm doing a 3-4->2 i turn around with click to move and follow up with 2 to finish the combo and mob bumps me it stops me from attacking.

  • hello tat , hello all player
    I'm skeptical about this update
    But thank you very much to the game producers for their efforts and ideas
    🎅 👍

    ☹ The game server for Asian players is not smooth,Server latency is high,Improved monster abilities, but no enhancements to the player, and no updates to make it easier for the player to play.
    Server high delay, plus not easy to operate, plus monster enhancement, let the player difficult to accept

    👻 I've been playing for 2,500 hours,Before the update,Medium and low players said it was very difficult,After the update now more difficult to accept

    😀 😋 😃 The game needs some regular game players to help the game producer to plan and manage,Professional planning is required.

    💃 💃 💃 💃 💃 My Suggestions are as follows:

    1.Increase server optimization, stabilize more new players, stabilize more old players,Let them stay. Because, need more game player, just can have more top up sponsor possibility,Supplement the expenses of game producers

    2.Under the stable capital, reduce the difficulty of the game, expand the content of the game.Or simply expand the content of the game.
    It is recommended to increase the content of the game so as to increase the playing time of the players,Instead of making it harder and consuming the player's time.
    the player will feel anxious and anxious due to frequent changes

    👪 👫 👬 👭 Thanks for reading.

  • @SUHE ~hi tat I use translation software, I hope you can understand what I mean

  • fuck mob's dash.
    when chisel will be realised?
    chizel dash?

  • Hey somewhat new player here,

    there seems to be a client error everytime you try to finish the tutorial quest where you have to hit the dummy. I tried with 2 new chars and I'm not able to log in again with them...this happened after the server shutdown



  • @TatriX So I suspect you, recently patched it today. I still have to say, this really needs to go back to the way it was before you implemented any Dash, the mobs are just waaaay too ridiculous now. Even after the patch, the dash, it doesn't add anything, it just makes things way more annoying to kill.

    I know that this is your game, and you want to try and implement things for us, the community. However I feel that nobody really asked for this update, if anything, combat was quite hard anyway, this new update adds more difficulty, but more than anything, it just makes combat way more annoying.

    I feel if you just turned the combat back to normal, and focus on other little things in the game like items, and stuff, Combat can be improved at a later date, once you have more feedback from the community on how combat should be improved, this new update just really isn't working.

    I really love the game TatriX, and I want to give you a LOT of praise for what you have created, it's wonderful, and I know your time is short, and you probably worked hard on this, but I feel that this is constructive criticism on the new patch that you need to hear.

    Kind regards,


  • I just attacked my training dummy on my farm, the game crashed, and now i can't log back in!!!!!

    Client version: 0.45.0
    Server version: 0.45.0
    Build: bdd3fa2b (steam)
    Server: Andromeda
    Character: Koa
    User agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/66.0.3359.170 Safari/537.36

  • I'm really trying my best to be patient with this new update but it is absolutely horrible and you're only getting negative feedback here. I feel like we aren't being listened to in regards to this change. Please fix this or just get rid of it! Do a server reset! This is absolute shit!!

  • Training dummy related fix should be fixes soon. Sorry guys, I'm having a cold and not in the best shape to fix bugs.

  • @TatriX Thank you for the answer, we (Me and Koa) really do love the game, we're just frustrated from not being able to play all evening because of the dummy. Sorry to hear you're not feeling very well. If you can't fix it right now, we would just like a server reset in NA if possible, just so we can play 🙂

  • @Listen fix will be there soon. I've also reverted changes related to mob's attack speed.
    Dash (updated version) as well as physical evade is still there though.

  • @TatriX Thank you for taking quick action here. Know you've worked hard on the update and want to make sure the player base is satisfied. Despite the few glitches the following days, you've definitely done your best to keep things running smoothly, and we all appreciate that. I have faith you'll continue to refine the update and get everything working as you envisioned.

    Thanks again for your dedication and hard work!

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