New Suggestions for the game .Thanks for reading 2019.10.26

  • hi tat,hi all players

    🎅 I have some new advice about Speed and Career
    🎅 All my Suggestions are examples.
    These are just very simple examples,ALL Just a macro suggestion

    👑 1.About speed
    I think there should be a difference in speed between players without using scrolls or potions.This helps with PVP, or game walking speed
    I suggest that as the player level increases, the walking speed increases.
    For example, players at levels 1-100 have a walking speed of 100. Players at level 150 have a walking speed of 101,Players of level 200 have a walking speed of 102.And so on

    🏃 🏃 🏃 🏃 🏃 🏃 🏃 🏃

    👑 2.The distinction between occupations should have greater advantages and differences

    I have some examples

    The blacksmith :For example, they build level 120 tools, dig mines, and get faster, or more, or less spiders than anyone else

    The tailor :For example, they make leather armor with higher durability and quality improvement. Or they soak the leather faster

    alchemist : This profession, they have a higher chance of producing advanced atoms.Or, they make traps that do more damage

    The farmer:For example, they plough land very quickly and fish they fish is superior

    Carpenter : When they cut wood, they can get more wood, plank and roots.

    cook :For example, they make food faster, they make medicines that require less material, or they have the ability to heal others

    Hunter :For example, they are more likely to make more critical strikes,Or their initial damage is higher

    💄 done.💅

    💃 💃 💃

    I have another suggestion, which is to reduce the Career, but enrich the role and advantages of each Career.
    These are just very simple examples
    For example, there are five professions: blacksmith, warrior, alchemist, pharmacist, and farmer.

    👻 Blacksmiths can make more advanced tools, such as level 120
    👻 Warriors, they have higher initial damage
    👻 alchemist,They have a higher chance of breaking down the higher atoms.They use damage scrolls with more power
    👻 pharmacists,They can heal others
    👻 farmer:They plow faster, fish faster, and harvest superior fish

    I have a great interest in subdividing the class differences, which will also improve the game's playability and even build different groups of players

    Thank you for reading, I wish you happy ~!

  • Soon, I hope, there will be runes for speed, which can be inserted into the armor slots. There are professions; they give 0/25 skills at the start, instead of 0/10. Yes, I would like professions to provide more advanced functionality. There are problems with speed: the percentage reduction / acceleration from buffs is not correctly summed up.

    В скором времени, надеюсь, появятся руны на скорость, которые можно вставить в слоты брони. Профессии есть, они на старте дают 0/25 навыка, вместо 0/10. Да, хотелось бы чтобы професси давали более расширенный функционал. Со скоростью есть проблемы: не корректно суммируется процентное снижение/ ускорении от баффов.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Xopoc Thank you for your reply

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