New proposals~Thank you for reading. 2019.9.23

  • hi,tat and players ,We offer some simple suggestions.

    1.Can we consider whether the shield can be repaired?

    2.Goods falling from monsters,For example, drop some tools and weapons.
    But consider the monsters that low-level players can kill as well.

    3.There are many kinds of nails, but there is no difference in use, or there are hidden attributes?
    For example, increase the number of nails

  • 1.Shields can be repaired. This mechanics works.
    2.Some drop of things from monsters is cool. Low level mobs are enough. I started by pumping a new character from scratch. And it was easy enough for me to kill medveda with iron swords. But here is a drop of money from him, I want to cry.
    3.I buy nails from Kuzma. The difference is only in the level of nails. It can be disassembled into atoms. You can pump skill. The level of nails also depends on the hammer. I think these are not the things you need to pay close attention to.

  • Thank you for your reply

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