New suggestions for games 2019.9.10

  • Hello Game Maker TAT
    We've come up with some game suggestions. I hope you can refer to them.
    In view of your financial problems, we haven't thought about anything too complicated. We only think about some game mechanisms and systems, and some minor details.

    1.The NPC in the game can sell some low-grade food and provide beginners with some simple food, such as barbecue rolls.

    2.Can you add a large soaking basin (for leather and linen),Just like previous updates, add a large drying rack

    3.Enhancing the benefits of PATRON., we feel that the effect of PATRON is not ideal, can improve some revenue, which can promote players to buy PATRON.

    4.Scarecrow in the game can't be removed or destroyed. Is this a BUG?

    5.Can you add a pet, For example, modify the dog in the game, to help players fight monsters?

    6.Consider adding MYTHIRL INGOT tools,Even make a MYTHIRL sword

    7.Mithril It's a very hard material to get. We feel that the bloody armor made by it should be better than the Dragon skin armor. A lot, but in the actual game, there's not much difference.Maybe different armors have different advantages against different monsters.But for the difficulty of making bloody armor and the time of collecting materials, we think the ability of bloody armor should be improved.

    tat Thank you for watching.
    Bless all players happy, we firmly believe that the game will do better, and always follow it.

    1. The whole point of survival is lost
    2. How do you imagine that? I think that there is quite enough.
      3.Raise the income of what? Experience? Of money? Money in this world means almost nothing.
    3. I agree.
      5.Yes, most of the mechanics from MMO are missing.
      6.Pure mithril tools will not work. Perhaps it can be used to strengthen them. I would not refuse a new weapon.
      7.About the bloody armor. Yes, it is difficult to craft and it may seem that it loses to dragon armor. But this does not make her craft boring. Perhaps it is worth improving its characteristics, but very slightly.

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