Some suggestions for games 2019/6/30 Thank you for reading.

  • Thank you administrators and game developers for having time to read my posts.
    I put forward some ideas and convey the wishes of some players.
    Hope game developers can consider, or add to their own plans. :):woodlehappy:

    1.Stone in the Underground World, I feel it should be restored, because some players need salt to make food, salt needs stone, there is no high-level stone, it is difficult to make high-level food.

    2.In the game world, BOSS should also be graded, added high-level BOSS, and then carry some special rewards, like the monsters in the underground world. But different hunting scrolls are needed to avoid some players who don't want to find high-level BOSS. Maybe they just want to hunt ordinary BOSS.(My own idea, although I rarely find BOSS, because the roots are too scarce)

    3.Many players'wish is Increase the type and style of furniture.Some players began to focus on the game as a construction game.(It's very difficult for developers who don't have free time because it involves a lot of artists and data.It's our wish. We're totally patient. We know it takes time and energy.)

    4.The first floor of the underground world can build other people's territory, but some malicious players abuse this ability and destroy other people's cave entrance.Maybe we should adjust the destructive rules at the entrance to the cave.

    5.With the same armor and weapons in the game, I feel I should create more shapes, which helps players to create different styles.(I would like to emphasize that this is really difficult, because I know there are many things involved,.But this helps to consume player materials and gives players more motivation to build different styles of armor. i feel that this is a good proposal, please consider it.)

    6.I feel that the right of friends in the game should be changed. After adding friends, friends can use friends'devices, but I feel it is necessary to have no right to destroy them.

    7.Modify weapon damage to player, or increase Dodge, For example, crossbows and guns,because players'blood is very low, crossbows and guns are lethal to players.In PVP, without a good experience, it may not take long to kill other players.

    8.Books can be set up indestructible and edited only once. Or books with a large number of words can not be destroyed, and books with a small number of words can be destroyed. I think there will be some interesting books handed down in this way. But consider server load and junk books.

    9.Motorcycles can also be infected with plague, which is a very strange thing.Here are some of our proposals. I hope you will read them and consider them.

  • Thanks for the feedback. One short note: it's hard to get around big posts with a lot of suggestions, so if you don't mind, please split those onto many posts.

    1. I'm not entirely sure what's wrong, but there should be "underground stone blocks" with sufficient lvls.
    2. N/A
    3. Unfortunately we don't have an artist anymore as well as funds to hire someone. So unless someone willing to help us with the art, I can't see how this can be done.
    4. I think random strangers cannot destroy cave entrances or exists.
    5. I'm not sure I've got the idea. As @Sha is absent now, I'm thinking about finding someone to help me with game design, to handle things like this one.
    6. Sounds right, but I need more feedback on this. Probably extract this question to a separate post.
    7. Same as 6
    8. Sorry, I don't get it ;(
    9. Heh, sound like "it's a feature, not a bug". Is it strange because bike is a mechanism?

  • @SUHE I agree with the comments about furniture especially. I am playing mostly as a farmer/builder and would like more floor types too.

    Clothing!! Please please please let us wear dresses etc. like the NPC vendors. I would really like to be able to make more clothing styles through the tailoring line and not just be able to make armour.

    Love the game 🙂

  • @TatriX Players can build territory underground, surround other people's entrances in their own territory, and then destroy it.That's how one of my entrances disappeared.

  • @TatriX It's great to see your reply. I always thought you were too busy to deal with the game.

  • @Juls love game toooooooo hahaa

  • @SUHE well yes, but you can protect it yourself, aren't you?

  • I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see the option to dye fabric bags and chests!!!

  • @TatriX I have three small bases, and I can no longer get a territorial license. If I can, I think I need three more territorial licenses.I wonder if there should be a separation of licences for underground and surface worlds, using different licences, because if you want to protect your underground caves from being destroyed or maliciously destroyed, should circle them.

  • @rhinno I don't like the idea of dying things as it will make it looks awful. But icons near the name visible on hover and when you press say shift, sounds like a better idea. What do you think?

  • @TatriX Actually ya sir! Thats a great idea!

  • Something as simple as making labels cheaper would be really helpful for organization, which is about 70% of the game.

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