Marketing Success Came From Complete Failure

  • Back in college, I had the idea of ​​starting my own online record label - I discovered how easy it was to set up, but I knew nothing about online marketing. time, and I didn't know much about building websites. The Whatsapp Mobile Number List idea was simple: Create an online label to promote the nerdy electro I was producing and other songs my friends were working on. And I hope to be paid. So I did some research, learned some HTML basics, and built a website. I bought hosting and a domain, then put together a surprisingly thin marketing plan.

    We ended up selling an album (ouch), so factoring in costs like hosting, we made a loss. And we never got paid for this album, because we didn't exceed the payment threshold on the platform we were using. We had about 3-4 releases at the time, so after talking to Whatsapp Mobile Number List the artists, we went ahead and relaunched as a netlabel (essentially all of our music was free).After 12 months of very little marketing, we had reached 500,000 people, and to date we've had over 2.5 million downloads. Before closing the label, we had about sixty releases from artists around the world.

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    But… financially I was no better off and hosting was still costing me money. So why do I consider this one of my greatest hits? When I first came up with the Whatsapp Mobile Number List idea, I had no idea what was actually possible with internet marketing. I had no idea about affiliate marketing, product creation, or how people could really make money. This experience was really eye-opening for me, as it taught me the power of free content. And in the end, not making money wasn't a problem because if that didn't happen, I wouldn't be where I am now. It changed my thinking and what I wanted to do (or at least it started to).

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