Patch 0.45.1

  • # This is currently in development and not yet deployed!
    Some of the features below can be already tested in a web version.

    • Update exp formula
    • New diablo-like movement (in addition to existing one)
      (Also try enabling [Settings → Character → Obstable Avoidance])

  • Reserved for ru translation.

  • How do I turn off the Diablo like run? When I am on my laptop, i dont even have the mouse button pushed in but my character just wants to run all the time. its hard to get him stopped.

    my toon just runs and runs. I dont even push the mouse button

  • @rhinno probably it's somehow related to your touchpad settings.
    Works just fine on my laptop.

  • @TatriX I checked the settings. i dont know which one it would be. i do know i still cant click R to replant stuff. i used to be able

  • emerald is too difficult to get.Could you fix the chance ,or can we produce emerald?thx

  • We are very longing for SUPER BIG LARGE SUPERIOR Harb Rack.
    I hope at least it has 32 containers, any graphic will do as long as it has a large container.

    And I very wonder bundle of wood only has 48 containers.
    Take up space than garbage bug(it takes 4 garbage bag space!), but its container is smaller than garbage bug.
    It's very peculiar.
    I hope at least it has 128 containers, the best is 256 containers.


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