Mistake: vitamins are not consumed

  • After I died of the plague, the vitamins of Wisdom (magnesium ) ceased to be consumed. They just accumulate. And when creating items, they are not consumed. Character name - Nuker
    The plague was caused by the use of syringes for wisdom.

  • In order to recover, I died in the arena and I died of a wolf, vitamins were reduced by half, but still they are not consumed when crafting.
    Then I made a magnesium purification pill and ate it, but it had no effect on my remaining vitamins.
    The problem exists only with the vitamin magnesium, the rest are consumed normally. I think it's because of the drugs

  • The topic may be closed. As it turned out, the character's levl limits the level of his skills. And vitamins are not absorbed because I have a low level

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