Subscriber Rewards

  • Dear all,

    We are planning a subscriber reward as below. This is Paypal only as it is easier for me to manage the subscribers.


    Please when you send via Paypal put your character name and Rogalia
    This is to identify where it's coming from

    Subscriber Rewards:

    Tier 1 $5 USD a month (Copper chest can hold 48 Items)
    Copper Chest Healing Potion
    Copper Chest Joint
    Copper Chest Plow Scroll

    Tier 2 $10 USD a month (Iron Chest can hold 60 items)
    Iron Chest Full Healing Potion
    Iron Chest Full Joint
    Iron Chest Full Plow Scroll

    Tier 3 $15 USD a month
    Cupboard Full Healing Potion
    Cupboard Full Joint
    Cupboard/Bookshelf Full Plow Scroll

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