Donation Shop for server upkeep

  • Dear all,

    In order to help fund the server we have decided to do a donation shop system. The server cost is $35 - $45 USD a month depending on usage.

    There are 2 methods of buying: See below:

    1) Paypal - faster way as I know if an order is placed via email


    1. Click on link
    2. Donate desired amount (Each pack is $5 USD)
    3. Ensure that you add a NOTE with
      Game: Rogalia and Player name: (Insert your player char here)
      Donation Pack: (insert donation pack name)
    4. Send

    Failure to add a note with the following will result in the money being sent back and the order not being processed


    2) In -Game Lemon Exchange Program - slower as you will have to wait till I am in game to receive message from the in-game mail system and for me to process and make the order


    1. Purchase 150 lemon pack from the game shop
    2. Collect from mailbox in game BUT DO NOT UNPACK IT
    3. Send In-game mail to Kziko with name of the pack you are buying
    4. Wait till I am online. I will contact you once I have received your order and ready to exchange
    5. Trade the 150 lemons to me and I will deliver your chosen pack

    Please note that the packs will be delivered when I have the time and when you are online. This is NOT Instant as I have a job and family to also take care of. Delivery will be made as soon as I can

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