One more offer regarding EU server

  • Good evening.
    I planned to make this offer little bit earlier, but... Anyway.
    Sometimes we would like to obtain smth new in the game, but current game state suits us too: a lot of players are playing for the soul, not for the action.

    Question before the offer: how much current server costs montly?
    Offer: I'm ready to paying for the EU server in the current game "as is" state without any updates in the future. Just to save the soul of the game.
    Only two things are making this offer hard:

    • I'm not sure i'll be ready to pay more than 50 EUR montly (maybe it's possible to disgrade server a little bit to decrease costs)
    • I can start paying for the server only from December (so server have to survive to this time).

    I hope we'll find a right solution and save at least EU server without wiping.

  • Thank you Mornie,

    From the conversation I have had with Tatrix, I believe he wants a fresh server is the best course of action as it is the lesser of the evil purely because there's no favorites in terms of servers and therefore players and everyone starts from scratch.

    There's no definitive answers yet and we're still waiting for Tatrix to reply as to what he is going to do in the end.

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