Private Server interest

  • All my respect to Tatrix, and all developers of Rogalia.
    I love this game. The Servers going down is unfortunate and Rogalia deserves more recognition.

    I would like to start a private server.
    Please contact me and let me know what the next step is.

    But I have a question.

    Tatrix said that he will not be releasing source code, but would he be comfortable with allowing the Private Server Leader to modify parts of the game?
    Action timer, movement speed, crafting recipes, experience, monster stats, monster drops, quest reward, etc.
    Is it possible?

  • If Joshua is making a server, I won't. The community is way too small for a ton of private servers to fracture an already small community. I will just join yours if it is public but if you ever decide to not keep funding the server. Please let me know so I can continue it. 👍

  • Thank you for the interest Joshua.

    Nothing is definite yet and it's Tatrix's decision.

    In terms of what you can change in terms of game mechanics, nothing really I'm afraid. That's something that has to be done through Tatrix himself.

    Even with my admin powers I could not change any of those you mentioned.

  • @Kziko

    Sounds good.

    I would be willing to pay for the support required to modify some mechanics of the game.
    This would NOT be additional content, but just small tweaks to the already existing values.

    Would just need to come up with a reasonable price, and a process to get it done.

    Even if it's not something that would be available, I would still like to pay to host a Tier 2 1 Year Server contract.
    Tatrix please let me know your thoughts.

  • I'll pass this on.

    Like I said I'm not entirely sure what he will decide. He was trying to gauge interest for private servers for it to be worth his time.

    Ultimately we may end up with either him funding another year for one new server or no servers at all.

  • Ah 😓
    I thought the private servers were ready to go, and just needed someone to pay for it.

    Well, I hope he decides to keep some server up.
    Keep us updated!

  • @Joshua-Burdine Yes, the server post on steam sure made it sound like a sure thing and not "just a gauge" but hope he decides soon what to do. I am sure the community is anxious for some news.

  • The issue was that the actual thing derailed somewhat.

    The terms from Tatrix were there for the private server -as in the server rented would be as is (in its current state right now).

    But there were questions and discussions about:

    1. Would Tat sell the game, how much? and offers were put in
    2. Would he sell licenses and how much?
    3. Would the server leaders be able to add any changes to the game i.e. game mechanics etc
    4. Conditionals such as being the only server or saving a particular server

    I know these are all valid questions and comments but it derailed the private server rent agreed by Tatrix. He is re-evaluating if it's worth the hassle and time for him with the demands.

    I do not know what he will decide. We may end up with one server or none at all.

    I too am waiting for some news but I do not want to push the agenda on my end as it could result in hastening him to actually all to just let it go and shut the game down completely - something that I do not want to happen.

    We just have to be patient

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