Regarding Server Shutdown

  • I was very sad to hear that the Rogalia servers were possibly being shut down due to funding issues.
    Therefore, I came here to formally ask if Tatrix would consider selling the entire project.


    • a team of developers would be formed to continue to build upon the game. updates would be heavily influenced by community suggestions/feedback.
    • a single (probably larger) world would be generated that would act as the only server. (most likely EU based, even though I am in the US)
    • the game would always remain free. also we would avoid turning the game into a micro-transaction disaster. all content accessible by playing the game.
    • reliable funding. no worries with regards to any future expansions that are necessary.
    • an advertising budget be put in place to help grow the player base.
    • a limitless future with this masterpiece of a game......

    Please feel free to PM me with any specifics that you wish to discuss.
    I am very interested in insuring the survival of this game.

    Thank you,

  • I've sent the message to Tatrix.

    There was a person who offered similar in the past but it did not meet Tatrix's valuation for the work he has put in.

    I've commenced a chat with you on this forum - for a private convo

  • I also sent a message last week to purchase the project but got no response, please message me on how much Tatrix would value the entire project at.

  • @Kziko tagging on above post

  • @Rage I think Kziko was talking about you in upper post about that your offer didnt met Tatrix's valuation.

  • No it wasn't him. It was someone else like 6 months to a year ago

  • Ah then nvm

  • if Tatrix wants to sell the eu server with all the characters, bases etc included, please let me know the price. also price of upkeeping server costs on eu server.

  • Message sent to Tatrix

  • @Kziko thanks. looking forward to updates about the situation.

  • @Anders-Urdal use the chat in the forums

  • @Kziko will do, thanks.

  • @Anders-Urdal if you click on the speech bubble on the top right - you have access to the chat. Ive opened it up to say hello to you

  • @Kziko thanks for the chat

  • An exciting news!

  • If you can somehow get ahold of this dude and convince them to hand over the game they're completely abandoning I would gladly be willing to spare some time to help on developing updates for it.

    Unfortunately, they seem to hide behind Kziko 100% of the time, I've never seen them interact directly with a member of the community in my 1+ years here.

    Also, if you want them to ever consider handing over the game you all have to stop showing interest in these scam private servers they are offering. The service being offered for the private servers is that Tatrix literally boots it up and never touches it and you're just screwed if anything goes wrong. All this person wants is money and if you do not give them that money so easily, maybe the game can be saved.

    I'm probably gonna be banned really quick after posting this, hope people see it.

  • It is very sad Rogalia is shutting down 😞 Very beautiful project created by talented developer.
    But sometimes the "babies" grow up and it is time to let them go. Just sell it Tatrix to the ones who might probably keep it alive, don't let it just die.
    CC @Kziko

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