Some suggestions for games 2019/7/05 Thank you for reading.

  • 1.Game free can attract players, can you enrich the goods in the store? This will help players buy and make up for your shortage of funds.
    I think of some examples.
    A:Higher quality motorcycle, speed + 10% speed + 20%.It's more expensive, but the top speed is slower than a 100-grade horse.
    B:Shops sell high-quality and durable tools (not weapons or armor, just tools)
    C:Rebirth scrolls (disposable items to ensure that weapons and armor and bags do not fall off)
    D:Create a special festival in the game. At this time, stores will sell different colors of furniture or animals. But it won't be sold at any other time, only at this special time. For example, special festivals can be set at Christmas.

    2.The scrolls,Except for some scrolls,Most reels are very weak in power and effect.I think we should improve the effect of some damage scrolls and recovery scrolls.

  • I think it's about attracting more money to the producers, and then inviting new animators, artists, and then making special furniture, or unique weapons and armor.Then expand the store further. Producers have more money to continue updating the game, and players can enjoy unique style items.
    We need to find ways for producers to have more money flowing into the game, and then continue to develop the content of the game.

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