Violations, Warnings and Bans

  • Having reviewed recent events, we have formulated the following and will apply from this point on.

    Any violations that cause problems such as harassment, verbal and sexual abuse, griefing and camping are negatively frowned upon and as such classed as a toxic behaviour. The use of characters to make fun of a person is also on this list.

    Insulting the GM and Developer are seen as easily punishable.

    The developer reserves the right to judge violations on a case by case basis.

    Punishments are as follows:

    First offense:

    3-7 days ban depending on the severity and at the discretion of administration. Some items may be removed if it is causing issues

    Second offense:

    2 week - 1 month ban and removal / confiscation of items in the claim. The items are non refundable and compensatory

    Third offense:

    Permanent ban. Acquisition of all properties related to toon/account. This is non returnable and refundable.

    All decisions at this point are final.

    Once again may I re-iterate that TOXIC BEHAVIOUR is NOT ACCEPTABLE

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