Isn't this a bit bad?

  • Some high-level users exploit the town PVP arena system to hunt high-level monsters(ex. high demon, prince of darkness).
    If a user dies in the pvp arena area, he/she can immediately resurrect outside the arena and join the monster hunt again.

    Isn't this an exploit using the Arena system? This may not be what the developer intended. In this way, some users monopolize the material or items of high-level monsters, but shouldn't they be corrected?

    Unless the monsters can enter the village and the users in the village area cannot target the monsters, these abuse cases will continue to appear.

  • If this has not been fixed in 4 years, then this will not be fixed.

  • Is it still happening Cadenza? Changes were made

  • @Kziko
    I haven't seen the case since posting this article, so I'm not sure if it was fixed.
    Later, I will report a case like this one when I witness it again.

  • It´s very bad. Time passes and it still doesn't get better. I agree with you that it spoils the game. I guess that's how they adapt to a larger audience and that's why they don't make the changes. I need to relax!

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