Dear Tat, Please Come Back

  • Hi Tat,

    I hope all is well during this time with all that is going on. I know you have stated that you have been very busy with work, hopefully you are not one of the many that lost their job because of recent events. I wanted to post because it seems the community has started to grow again and I would hate to see it dwindle away as it did months ago. This is a game we all enjoy and miss the new content that would come out every month or so. We looked forward to the patch teasers and finally seeing the new content to start our grind to obtain it. Yes, the combat patch came a bit unwanted, but if that is what is holding you back from continuing development in any way, I think we would all much rather see continued development rather than a revert to old combat. Though the new combat can be frustrating, it is not completely game ruining.

    If you are feeling overwhelmed with what is on your plate for development, I would be more than happy to assist with keeping a game I have enjoyed and put hundreds of hours into alive and evolving. I have a few years of experience developing in JavaScript and I have poked around in the client files quite a bit that I feel I understand how the game works. I have worked on game development in some of my own small projects as well.

    We all enjoy the game and want to see it grow.

    Hope all is well,

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