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  • RE: Patch 0.45.1

    If your pc is touchscreen type, I have heard that this can interfere with the mouse. So disabling it might help

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  • Violations, Warnings and Bans

    Having reviewed recent events, we have formulated the following and will apply from this point on.

    Any violations that cause problems such as harassment, verbal and sexual abuse, griefing and camping are negatively frowned upon and as such classed as a toxic behaviour. The use of characters to make fun of a person is also on this list.

    Insulting the GM and Developer are seen as easily punishable.

    The developer reserves the right to judge violations on a case by case basis.

    Punishments are as follows:

    First offense:

    3-7 days ban depending on the severity and at the discretion of administration. Some items may be removed if it is causing issues

    Second offense:

    2 week - 1 month ban and removal / confiscation of items in the claim. The items are non refundable and compensatory

    Third offense:

    Permanent ban. Acquisition of all properties related to toon/account. This is non returnable and refundable.

    All decisions at this point are final.

    Once again may I re-iterate that TOXIC BEHAVIOUR is NOT ACCEPTABLE

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  • Removal of GM in Tokyo server

    Upon a discussion with Tatrix, it was decided that it was best to remove my voluntary services as GM in the Tokyo server due to toxic behaviour against me. Such accusations such as being racist are unwarranted considering that I myself am from Asia - so this defies all logic.

    I can argue against all these points along with my own evidence and screenshots but I do not want to turn it into a discussion and stoop down to a lower level. Some of the comments are taken out of context as evident from the blurred sentences.

    Considering my GM post is voluntary as well working full time as a nurse working with COVID-19, it was deemed best to step aside due to the extra stress this has caused.

    I wish all Tokyo players all the best.

    Should you have any issues please use the forums


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  • RE: Inquiry - Vendor Post

    All done. Thank you for listening and just following what was asked.

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  • RE: Inquiry - Vendor Post

    @Tryit are you online now? IF you can come in game in the next 5 minutes I can do them quick. I can take my vendor down to make space

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  • RE: Inquiry - Vendor Post


    Yes I can do them but I have put a sign saying that the vendor area is full. I can have a look and see if there is possibly another space but I am working 4 days straight

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  • RE: НЕ Разлогинивается персонаж.

    I told Tatrix about this and he has indicated that a server reset is required to fix this issue. Only Tatrix can reset the servers

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  • RE: Wiki is dead

    Tat has said it is fixed

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  • RE: Opensource

    It was made opensource in the past apparently.

    According to Tatrix all it did was that it made people made scripts for the game to automate it. So rather than playing, they would just afk the game. I can understand why people did this to reduce the tedious side of the game.

    No one actually did anything else to improve the gameplay mechanics.

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  • RE: Real life news

    Combat Reverted

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